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Dr. Andreas Eurich, CEO

Barmenia (Germany)

"PMC makes a valuable contribution to Barmenia's strategy process. Their enablement approach ensures that a corporate strategy is not only well thought trough, but - most importantly - that it can be operationalized and executed." 

Peter Stahl, CEO 

Hochland SE (Germany)

"For quite some time we have been looking for a way to change our budgeting approach, which did not fit to our volatile environment. PMC served us the way out of the budget and into a new performance management approach on a silver plate. The approach fits perfectly with our established Guidelines for Management & Cooperation and systematically supports a more agile and entrepreneurial behavior in the entire group."

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Dr. Richard Senti, CFO

Hoval (Liechtenstein)

"The St. Gallen Performance Management Model is very well thought through and practical at the same time. It helped us not only change our planning & budgeting approach fundamentally, but support a more entrepreneurial mindset in the entire company. Moreover we appreciate the experience and enabling approach of PMC which allows us to make changes gradually step by step."