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PMC supports organizations in the implementation of innovative performance management solutions following the St. Gallen Performance Management Model (SPMM).


1. Financial Leadership

  • Strategic financial management

  • Cascade company targets to a Relative Target System


2. Strategy implementation

  • Translate strategy into daily business by using Strategy Maps and BSC

  • Track strategy implementation with health KPI

  • Align projects and investments to strategy

  • Link personal control process with OKR


3. Financial Forecasting and modeling

  • Transform a company's business model into a financial driver model

  • Simulate financial performance with driver-based models

  • Carry out a lean, driver-based forecast

  • Support strategic decision making and initiate actions

  • Implementation Partner for driver-based modeling Dynaplan


4. Cost & Profitability management

  • Analyze Product and Customer profitability

  • Optimize center management

  • Target cost leadership

  • Costing systems


5. Transformation

  • How to integrate flexible financial leadership and strategy implementation practices and move beyond the command & control paradigm?

  • How to use and link incentives and performance management  systems to support intrinsic motivation?

  • How to support transformational leadership with performance management practices?

  • How to get rid of command and control paradigm in leadership moving to  guided self-steering